Computer Club

Officers and Committees

President – Carol Bostrom

Vice President – Kay Dunham

Secretary – Barbara Bissell

Treasurer – Steve Randolph

Board Member – Roger Clark

Member at Large – Anna Van Tassel

Member at Large – Warren Tobin

Art & Design – Elaine Olson

Class Coordinator – Barb Haanpaa

Programs/Speakers – Kay Dunham

Technician – Peggy Richardson

Cards & Labels – Elaine Olson


Member dues are $20 per household for the year beginning November 1st.


Come join us on Wednesday mornings in the Mohave and Yavapai rooms above the Library at 9:30 am during which time we have a special speaker or a “mini-class” is held. A short business meeting is held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday prior to the speaker/mini-class.


Classes are free to members unless there is an outside instructor for which a fee is charged.

Bulletin Board

Check bulletin board across from the mailboxes for upcoming events.

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