Annual Membership Meeting
Golden Vista RV Resort Association, Inc.

Tuesday, February 18, 2018

9:30 a.m. Ballroom


(Paragraph 6.7 of the CCRs requires certain items to be included.)

Call to order
Proof of Notice of Meeting
Proof of Quorum (Quorum is >50% total members which is at least 538 members.)
1.0 Approval of 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
2.0 Treasurer
2.1 Report on Financial Status
2.2 Prior year’s actual financial report; comparison of prior year’s budget to actual financial report.
2.3 Proposed Annual Budget
3.0 President’s Report
4.0 Manager’s Report and Activities Office Report
5.0 Committee Reports: ARC, Conservation, Documents, Facilities, Landscape, Marketing, Nominating, Planning & Development, Streets, Utilities, Pool, Election, and Retention Ramp

6.0 Election Results
→ Revenue Ruling 70-604
→ CC&Rs Amendment #1
→ 2 Directors
7.0 New Business (ONLY if there is a Quorum of members)
8.0 Adjournment

Darlene Piekkola, Secretary
Golden Vista Board of Directors

Golden Vista Resort